Watch “Hall of Shame” moments…

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can now share these mini-documentaries highlighting some of the more infamous moments from our book’s “Hall of Shame” section. This includes Bill Buckner’s error, the Pete Rose – Ray Fosse collision, and Fred Merkle’s base-running gaff. For these and more fiascos including George Brett’s pine tar incident, Disco Demolition Night, and Mickey Owen’s passed ball, be sure to get your copy of You Stink! (Please note: Each video is the intellectual and creative property of their respective posters.)


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“We always read about the good teams and the great players, but it’s the bad teams and the horrific players that help build teams’ rich histories. You Stink! lets you know, that it can always be worse, and makes you appreciate your ball club that much more!” - Matt Lambert, a Cleveland Indians fan -----------------------------------------“Gave Dad a copy of You Stink! about the worst baseball teams and players in history. The review: ‘a home run.’” - Scott Gosnell, Columbus, OH

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