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“Eric J. Wittenberg and Michael Aubrecht’s entertaining ‘You Stink!’ is replete with pages of statistics, making it perfect for the hard-core devotee and casual fan alike.” Kurt Rabin, The Free Lance-Star  Read Here

“For baseball fans who love to devour any words about the game, ‘You Stink!’ is like a disease — you know the ‘achievements’ are awful, but you keep coming back for more.” – Bob D’Angelo, The Sports Bookie, Tampa Bay Online  Read Here

“Watching our heroes stumble through ineptitude, boneheaded plays, and heartbreaking losses makes the celebration all the sweeter when victory finally comes.” – Gary Brown, Canton Rep  Read Here

“It’s comparatively easy to write books about baseball’s heroes. The people in question usually WANT to be written about. But what happens when you want to focus on the bums of baseball? This book happens.” – Ann Bendheim, Asbury Park Press  Read Here

“What that’s smell? The 1969 Seattle Pilots have the notorious distinction of being included in a new book about the worst teams in the history of major-league baseball. The 64-98 Pilots get their own chapter…” – Bob Wolfley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  Read Here

…that’s exactly what the book does – while it gives us a wonderful treatise of the worst the American pastime has yet had to offer, it celebrates the sport in a way no other book has yet done… This book is, in the end, more than just a celebration of baseball and the worst nitwits to ever grace a field – it is a celebration of American life. – J.David Petruzzi, historian/author  Read Here

“You Stink! by Eric J. Wittenberg and Michael Aubrecht may have an off-putting title, but it describes a tome that clearly and cleverly focuses on terrible big league teams and pathetic players. Very nicely done!” – Harvey Frommer, baseball author/historian

“In sum, “You Stink!” is storytelling at its finest. If you have even a passing interest in sports history, you’ll be entertained. And if you are a baseball fan, you’ll surely enjoy it. To the authors: well done, gentlemen.” – JC, Amazon customer review

“This new blog and book is a must-read for any baseball or Pirates fan. Even if you are not a baseball fan, pass the word to those that are—they will not be disappointed.” – Kristopher D White, historian/author  Read Here 

“If you, too, understand losing, you might enjoy You Stink! Major League Baseball’s Terrible Teams & Pathetic Players, a recognition of the worst of the national pastime.” – Akron Journal Beacon Online  Read here

“The authors do an excellent job of showing how futility is one of the most intriguing aspects of the game. The overall lesson of this book? Baseball is a humbling game…”  Jeff Robinson, Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood  Read here

“For sports fans, a new book with the provocative title of You Stink! offers a satiric look at the jeer-ful side of our national pastime. In other words, this book looks at the memorable story of defeat.” – Biblio Buffet

“Just like any great ‘best of’ book, this worst of have plenty of things to marvel at and is truly an enjoyable stroll through baseball history.” – Joanna Wagner, Lovemyteam.com  Read Here

“Wittenberg and Aubrecht humorously profile, in total, 15 terrible baseball teams of truly historic proportions…Nifty black-and-white photos and pages of stats will lighten the perspective of Cleveland sports fans. (Grade: A-)   William Kist, The Cleveland Plain Dealer Read Here

“The book is primarily about the worst teams, players, managers and owners in the history of the game. Cleveland makes the list twice. I wish it had come in hardback with a dust jacket, but you can’t win them all.” – Ron Simon, Mansfield News Journal Read Here


The Fredericksburg Patch (Virginia) caught up with the two authors email to ask about this unique book.  Read Here


“It’s a good book. A perfect read for the bathroom.” – John Steigerwald and Guy Junker, Trib-Radio, Pittsburgh, PA  Listen Here

“You hear all the time about the best teams in baseball and the narratives that you have for the best teams and the best players in baseball…these guys have taken a very different approach. Great book. Great guys.” – Mike Silva, NY Baseball, New York  Listen here

“A great Father’s Day gift…I love it.” – Tim Allen, Sports Radio WSSP, Milwaukee, WI  Listen here

“It’s a funny book, but with serious overtones. Whether you’re a baseball fan, or don’t know anything about baseball, this is a great book.” – Greg Rasheed, KGNU Radio, Denver, CO  Listen here 

“If you’re a baseball fan, you really want to get a copy of this.” Tom Snyder, WGET Fox Sports Radio, Gettysburg, PA,  Listen here


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“We always read about the good teams and the great players, but it’s the bad teams and the horrific players that help build teams’ rich histories. You Stink! lets you know, that it can always be worse, and makes you appreciate your ball club that much more!” - Matt Lambert, a Cleveland Indians fan -----------------------------------------“Gave Dad a copy of You Stink! about the worst baseball teams and players in history. The review: ‘a home run.’” - Scott Gosnell, Columbus, OH

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