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Battlefield Baseball

 The photograph above is believed to be one of the only ones in existence to have captured a military baseball game during the Civil War. It features soldiers of Company G, 48th New York State Volunteers playing a game at Fort Pulaski, Georgia. (Courtesy of Fort Pulaski Military Park) MICHAEL: As my co-author and I are probably … Continue reading

Owner’s Hall of Shame: Charles O. Finley

ERIC: The You Stink! team owners’ Hall of Shame has a new spot reserved for Charles O. Finley. Few owners have had a more profound influence on the game than this man. Unfortunately, not all of his influences were positive. At best, it was a mixed bag… For two decades the mercurial Finley owned the Kansas … Continue reading

6/25 Radio Appearance

Yesterday we had the pleasure of appearing on Greg Rasheed’s sports talk show on KGNU Radio, (Denver, CO). Greg really knew his stuff and our 30-minute discussion covered everything from terrible teams and players of the past to the state of the fledgling Colorado Rockies today. Greg has asked us to make a return appearance when … Continue reading

All or Nothing: Dave Kingman and Rob Deer

ERIC: No two players have embodied the phrase “come big or stay home” quite like Dave Kingman and Rob Deer. Both were known primarily for prodigious home runs and even more prodigious strikeouts. These two men were probably the most one-dimensional players to ever grace a big league ball field. And we pay tribute to … Continue reading

Missed our list but still made the cover…

(Photo: The infamous ‘Shrine of Futility’ outside of Wrigley Field) ERIC: Here at You Stink!, we celebrate baseball’s dubious distinctions. No team has suffered a longer streak of frustration than the Chicago Cubs, who last won a World Series in 1908, 104 very long years ago. Obviously, a lot of water has gone under the bridge … Continue reading

THE Blown Call

ERIC: There have been only 21 perfect games in the history of Major League Baseball, making the perfecto one of the game’s most rare moments. On May 29, 2010, Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies spun a perfect game against the Florida Marlins. Twenty days earlier, Dallas Braden of the Oakland A’s threw one against … Continue reading

Takin’ a Trip (The most bizarre no-hitter ever)

ERIC: Dock Ellis was a talented but enigmatic pitcher who spent most of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Blessed with good stuff, Ellis was also an addict who allowed his talent to be overcome by his addictions. After the birth of his son, Ellis got sober and spent his final years working as a … Continue reading

Untimely end of an icon

MICHAEL: Yesterday (6/12/12) Alex Rodriguez hit his 23rd career grand slam. In doing so, he tied Yankees icon Lou Gehrig for the all-time lead in that category. This epic blast helped send the AL East-leading New Yorkers to a 6-4 victory over the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field and while this statistic is impressive, it … Continue reading

An epic slump

ERIC: *With special thanks to Tim Allen of WSSP, Milwaukee’s Sports Talk Radio 1250 for reminding me of this epic slump of Counsell’s during my 6/11 appearance on his show. (Listen to the podcast here.) Last year, 40-year-old infielder Craig Counsell of the Milwaukee Brewers suffered through an epic slump during his final season in the … Continue reading

Latest Radio Spot and Book Review

June 11th has been an exceptionally good day for us. Eric had the pleasure of appearing on Sports Radio 1250, WSSP (Milwaukee, WI) to discuss “You Stink!” and some of the worst players that we cover. You can listen to the podcast here. We also received another good book review in today’s issue of the … Continue reading

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“We always read about the good teams and the great players, but it’s the bad teams and the horrific players that help build teams’ rich histories. You Stink! lets you know, that it can always be worse, and makes you appreciate your ball club that much more!” - Matt Lambert, a Cleveland Indians fan -----------------------------------------“Gave Dad a copy of You Stink! about the worst baseball teams and players in history. The review: ‘a home run.’” - Scott Gosnell, Columbus, OH

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