Missed our list but still made the cover…

(Photo: The infamous ‘Shrine of Futility’ outside of Wrigley Field)

ERIC: Here at You Stink!, we celebrate baseball’s dubious distinctions. No team has suffered a longer streak of frustration than the Chicago Cubs, who last won a World Series in 1908, 104 very long years ago. Obviously, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. Here is a listing of twenty major events that have occurred since the Chicago Cubs last laid claim to a World Series championship:

1. Radio was invented; Cubs fans got to hear their team lose.

2. TV was invented; Cubs fans got to see their team lose.

3.  Baseball added 14 teams; Cubs fans get to see and hear their team lose to more clubs.

4. George Burns celebrated his 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays.

5. Haley’s comet passed Earth — twice

6. Harry Caray was born….and died.  Incredible, but true.

7. The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league.

8. Man landed on the moon, as have several home runs given up by Cubs pitchers.

9. Sixteen U.S. presidents were elected.

10. There were 11 amendments added to the Constitution.

11. Prohibition was created and repealed.

12. The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, was discovered and became the subject of major motion pictures, the latest giving Cubs fans hope that something that finishes on the bottom can come out on top.

13. Wrigley Field was built and becomes the oldest park in the National League.

14. Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team’s future World Series pennants. Those flagpoles have since rusted and been taken down.

15. A combination of 40 Summer and Winter Olympics have been held.

16. Thirteen baseball players have won the Triple Crown; several thanked Cubs pitchers.

17. Bell-bottoms came in style went out of style and came back in.

18. The Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox and the Florida Marlins have all won the World Series.

19. The Cubs played 14,153 regular-season games; they lost the majority of them.

20. Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma and New Mexico were added to the Union.

Great quotes in Cubs History:

“Noise pollution can’t be that much of a problem [at Wrigley]. There’s nothing to cheer about.” — State rep. John F. Dunn, arguing for the installation of lights at Wrigley Field

“If I managed the Cubs, I’d be an alcoholic.” — Whitey Herzog

“There’s nothing wrong with this team that more pitching, more fielding and more hitting couldn’t help.” — Bill Buckner

“You get tired of looking at garbage in your own backyard.” — Cubs manager Lee Elia in 1983 about why the Cubs got rid of so many players.  Elia was fired later that same season.

“The Cubs were taking batting practice, and the pitching machine threw a no-hitter.” — Radio deejay

“The only bad thing about being released by the Cubs is that they made me keep my season tickets.” — Ken Rietz , ex-Cub third baseman.

“Would the lady who left her nine kids at Wrigley Field please pick them up immediately?  They are beating the Cubs 4-0 in the 7th inning.” Radio Deejay.

“One thing you learn as a Cubs fan: When you bought your ticket, you could bank on seeing the bottom of the ninth. “ — Joe Garagiola

“The Chicago Cubs are like Rush Street – a lot of singles, but no action.”  — Garagiola again.

Q: Did you hear about the new Cubs soup?  A: Two sips and then you choke.

And then there was Steve Bartman…….

There’s not much more to say. It’s why the Cubs grace the cover of You Stink!


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