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And they’re off… (to a REALLY bad start)

MICHAEL: (Tip of the cap to Susan, Eric’s wife for bringing this to our attention…) Some folks might be surprised to know that one of the teams that did not make it into the “You Stink! Top 15 Terrible Teams” is the perennial-underachieving Kansas City Royals. We did include the George Brett Pine Tar Incident … Continue reading

Selig’s All-Star Game Tie

MICHAEL: Here is the next installment of chapters that didn’t make it into the book (BTW this is an unedited draft)… “Nobody wanted to play more than I did, but I have to balance the concerns and hopes of the fans against the welfare of the players and the game. And every so often you … Continue reading

No Hitter. No Win?

ERIC: Next week marks the anniversary of a true You Stink! moment… In 1964, Major League Baseball celebrated its 75th anniversary. There were lots of interesting events that year: the Phillies had a six game lead with twelve to play, lost ten in a row, and finished second. Roberto Clemente led the Majors in hitting … Continue reading

Underachieving All-Stars: Dodgers vs. Larsen

MICHAEL: In order to keep You Stink! at around 300 pages Eric and I decided to cut six entire chapters (and dozens of extra stats charts) out of the final manuscript. As a result, these stories will be posted here from time-to-time. Here is the first installment of this “bonus” material:  In many sports, individuals receive perfect scores from … Continue reading

Take Our Online Poll…

Perhaps the ’62 Mets skipper Casey Stengel summed it best up when he said, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” Vote here for your choice of the worst of the worst.

Remembering Kiteman.

ERIC: As we count down to the May release of You Stink! Major League Baseball’s Terrible Teams and Pathetic Players and to acknowledge today as being Opening Day of the 2012 Major League Baseball season, I couldn’t resist taking a moment to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of one of my favorite childhood memories. In 1971, … Continue reading

Greetings fellow baseball fans!

MICHAEL: Welcome to the new blog for our new book. Unlike a static webpage, this blog will be an evolving site providing the updates on the book’s release, press events, book reviews, speaking engagements and other related information. We will also be posting extensive bonus material that we chose not to include in the final … Continue reading

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“We always read about the good teams and the great players, but it’s the bad teams and the horrific players that help build teams’ rich histories. You Stink! lets you know, that it can always be worse, and makes you appreciate your ball club that much more!” - Matt Lambert, a Cleveland Indians fan -----------------------------------------“Gave Dad a copy of You Stink! about the worst baseball teams and players in history. The review: ‘a home run.’” - Scott Gosnell, Columbus, OH

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